Some Questions to Ask

  • Would you feel happy to see Broadhembury Village urbanised, with the possible introduction of street lighting, pavements and street furniture?
  • Do you think the village could ever be the same if it expanded by 30 – 50% with modern housing?
  • Are you comfortable that 15 or more new houses will introduce up to 25 new family cars to the centre of our neighbourhood?
  • Do you think it is right for the PC to press ahead with a large-scale development plan when circumstances no longer require it?
  • Do you think it is reasonable to base development proposals on consultation based on outdated information?
  • Did you realise that a significant modern housing development opposite the village hall will become a fact if residents do not challenge the PC?
  • Are you happy with the Parish Council’s position that the number and style of houses would be determined by what the land owner and his “preferred developer” could negotiate for themselves with the Planners?

One thought on “Some Questions to Ask

  1. I think the mandate of any properly elected representative body is only to reflect the views of all who live in the community affected by proposals such as these. It seems to me, looking at the make-up of the parish council of Broadhembury, that most of the councillors do not live in Boradhembury itself but in other settlements. I’m worried that the agenda to encourage this development does not reflect the views of people who actually live in the village itself…can we be reassured on this, please? Dan Day-Robinson, Pendeen, in the village of Broadhembury…


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