The New Development Powers

Before March 2015, national planning policy required the EDDC to impose development obligations on parishes throughout the region. There was, therefore, an expectation that some development would have to take place in Broadhembury Parish, whether needed locally or not. This was the platform for the Parish Council’s public consultation process, now no longer relevant.

From March 2015 new government policy gave powers to Parish Councils to create their own Neighbourhood Plans including development, if they wished. This potentially enabled Parish Councils to over-ride EDDC policy if they could show the clear support of their communities for their plans. In this context the EDDC moved swiftly to safeguard key villages such as Broadhembury by removing development obligations and, in addition, by proposing to remove the Built-up Area Boundaries (BUAB’s) within which development is permissible.

Broadhembury Parish Council has formally demanded EDDC’s rejection of their BUAB’s proposal for this Parish, because they claim that Broadhembury Village is “not sustainable without development”.

The EDDC does not appear to agree, we are pleased to note.