Why are BVM supporters voting no to proposed development?

The Parish Council have delivered a new survey with a simple yes/no/don’t know answer.

Why are BVM supporters voting no?

  • Our village is beautiful and unique: we want it to stay that way
  • The proposed development is for 15 homes: 8-10 “affordable” and 5 -7 larger, open market homes – why all this to meet need for 5 affordable homes when we have a less impactful alternative?
  • Once given the green light by our PC, the developers can try for a larger number of homes and expand the development boundaries
  • The affordable homes will be to rent, not to buy
  • The argument that this development will benefit the young and old is questionable
  • The PC will have limited input once the development is submitted for planning approval: the developers and East Devon District Council will have the final say
  • East Devon District Council will determine infrastructure such as street furniture, road signs, kerbs and lighting

In a Western Morning News article PC Chairman Bob Nelson stated that

“If the people who live close don’t like it, it is unlikely we will go ahead. If people don’t want affordable housing near them we won’t push it.”

You can make a difference so please don’t waste your vote.

Vote NO