Gundry family unveils Vision to rebuild family fortunes

Gundry family unveils “Vision” to rebuild family fortunes – with a little help from the Neighbourhood Plan?

At the Parish Meeting on 15th March 2016, Mr Dougie Allan gave a presentation on the ‘Vision…essential to the very survival of Grange Farm’ (which is held in Trust for the benefit of Mr Allen and three other Gundry Family members). This Vision outlines how the Trust is ‘of insufficient funds for the day-to-day needs of the Trust’ and that just selling farm land is not enough. This is where the houses come in- ‘it is for this reason that in 2013 we commenced discussions with the EDDC, the Broadhembury Parish Council, planners and a housing developer to consider a sensitive housing development in the village.’

Is it the duty of the village to allow more housing to be built because it has higher value than farmland?

The statement implies that there is a long term plan behind the development, beyond the 12 houses which the BVM has so far been opposing ‘we wish to see Grange Farm progressively developed such that it creates local employment and is open for recreational use.’ 

There are two questions to ask ourselves here; firstly what type of enterprise would provide employment, industrial units? Secondly how long will the money from the sale of one field last? When will the Gundry Trust  need to sell more land for more money leading to more houses?

The statement also talks about how Dougie Allen lives in a small village in Somerset with no amenities and how they, as a family want to do something ‘to sensitively support Broadhembury for the future’ to stop it going the same way as so many other villages.

Does Broadhembury need help? BVM has clearly shown through previous meetings that the village of Broadhembury is completely sustainable at present and not under threat of dying out any time soon. We have a thriving pub and shop and with the refusal of another school being built in Dunkeswell our village school is as safe as it has always been. 

So, in conclusion, BVM feels that it is not up to the village of Broadhembury to allow more houses to be built under the pretext that it is a ‘win-win solution’ for both sides when the village has no problems that will be solved by housing. You must ask yourself, will you be happy when you are faced with more houses, more cars, and more street furniture all leading to the end of our beautiful and unique village and that it was truly done for the good of the village? Dougie Allen says that ‘If people don’t agree with the vision then it’s impossible to gain a consensus. And without consensus there is no progress’ The Community has already voted NO in the survey carried out before Christmas, it would seem the village does not agree with the vision.

For the full transcript of Mr Allan’s presentation, click here:

And please do take Mr Allan up on his kind invitation to send him questions.