Neighbourhood Plan And Housing Development – Important Dates For Your Diary

Neighbourhood Plan

Broadhembury Parish Council has announced that it will release the new draft of the Neighbourhood Plan shortly.

You should receive a summary in the near future by door drop, and by email (if you are a subscriber). It will also be available on the Parish Council website.

There will be a Public Meeting about the Plan at Kerswell Priory at 7pm (exact time TBC) on Thursday 29th September.
Please be there: your opinion counts.

Gundry Family “Vision” for development

The PC informs us that the Gundry Family Trust and its advisers plan to make hold a public meeting around September to present their ‘vision’ for development in the Parish. This ‘vision’ apparently comprises a plan to optimise the value of the family’s assets with development around Grange Farm and the village, while enhancing village life with initiatives such as a “cricket pitch … which … would make the entrance to the village simply idyllic” according to their March statement. A precise date is awaited but we urge all concerned about our unique village environment to take an interest.

September Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting will take place at Broadhembury Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 20th September. The Agenda is not yet published but there is likely to be much to interest residents given the closeness of the timing to the matters above.