EDDC Releases proposal for Housing Development in Broadhembury Village

East Devon District Council (EDDC) have released their plans to change the Broadhembury settlement boundary to include the site opposite the Memorial Hall with their suggestion that it be developed to provide upto 17 houses. For clarity, this is the same site that was proposed, consulted upon and rejected by the community in 2016.

The plan allocates the site as;

“POTENTIAL ‘SECOND BEST’ ALLOCATION – 10 homes. Site submitted to the second call for sites so not fully assessed in detail. Greenfield site comprising the corner of a larger field. Outside but adjoining the AONB, close to the Conservation Area and several listed buildings but reasonably well screened. Close to the village centre. Potential yield is 17 houses but this is reduced to reflect local character and need for landscaping. Could deliver on-site affordable housing”

EDDC local plan – https://eastdevonlocalplan.commonplace.is/en-GB/proposals/lpbrhe09/step1

The suggestion of upto 17 houses would dramatically grow the historic village centre by around 50%.

You can read their plan and leave comments at the EDDC consultation web site,

The closing date for comments is Sunday 15th January.

This link will take you directly to a page where you can leave feedback on the specific site opposite the memorial hall

You can find EDDC’s processes and methodology for site selection in Appendix 2 of this document.

This document includes EDDC’s criteria to exclude a site, which the site opposite the memorial hall fulfils (see C1, C2 and C3 copied in below), so it’s unclear why they are suggesting this development which the community has already been consulted on and rejected in 2016 and should be excluded by their own criteria.

C1 – The curtilage of any property with the capacity to very significantly extend the built form of the settlement.
C2 – Large areas of open recreational or amenity space at the edge of settlements which have a predominantly open visual character.
C3 – Development which is physically or visually detached from the settlement (including farm buildings or renewable energy installations).

Appendix 2 of the EDDC settlement boundary process

Another part of the policy of interest to support conserving the historic centre of the village is EDDC’s heritage conservation policies. There are many reasons that suggest the proposed site is unsuitable which can be found here

For completeness the full plan is available here

If you have a view on development within the parish now is the time to make your opinion heard by the East Devon District Council.