What is “Broadhembury Village Matters”?

BVM was set up in November 2015 at a meeting of residents concerned by development proposals said to be contained in the Parish Council’s draft Neighbourhood Plan. The residents’ concerns included the potential scale of the plan, a lack of communication and transparency, rumours of a meeting with a potential developer, assertions made by the PC about the village’s sustainability, dependency on an outdated survey, and the Council’s resistance to the EDDC’s new Local Plan.

A Steering Group was established with a view to challenging the Parish Council to share information, respond to residents’ questions and concerns, and review its development policy.

The specific aims of BVM are:

  1. To protect and preserve the unique, unspoiled character of Broadhembury – a village almost without equal in the 21st century.
  2. To ensure that a new Neighbourhood Plan is developed based on fresh consultation with the community in the light of changed circumstances
  3. To challenge unnecessary, disproportionate and insensitive development that would destroy the special character of our village and undermine its attraction to all the visitors who support our local businesses every year

BVM actively welcomes additional supporters – a strong and credible residents’ voice is essential if we are to hold our PC to democratic account, so please do register your support here or by contacting a member of the Steering Group:

BVM Steering Group Members

Becky Jones
David Harris
Deborah Young (Treasurer)
Mike Drewe
Stevie Young
Steve Chipperfield
Sarah Curran (Secretary)