Neighbourhood Plan: Does Urbanisation Threaten Our Village?

Are you aware that our Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan includes the intention to develop some 15 modern houses opposite the Village Hall?

Do you feel comfortable about the impact of such a development almost at the heart of our totally unspoiled 16th Century village? The wonderfully conserved village centre with its thatched cottages could be visually overwhelmed by the proximity of so many modern estate houses. Street lighting would ruin our wonderful night skies. Pavements, additional footpaths and “street furniture” would disfigure the inherent character of the village as we know it.

Did you know that that Parish Council sees the overall number and size of houses as being in the hands of the landowner/developer – or that a “preferred developer” has already been identified? Or that the land so far identified for development is just a small parcel of a very much larger site belonging to the same owner/would-be developer? … More Neighbourhood Plan: Does Urbanisation Threaten Our Village?